Wake Up Samurai Lalabay


Wake Up Samurai Lalabay
Weight: 3,5 kg
Colour: tricolor
Date of birth: 03.02.2022
Breeder: Weronika & Elżbieta Trzybińska



InVolo Man In The Mirror

Fairfarren Alice Lalabay

InVolo The King Of Pop

InVolo Mostra Tappo

Wingssong Singular Sensation

Annisa Lalabay

InVolo Seeing Is Believing

Denzel Attention To Detail

InVolo Something To Cheer About

InVolo Volare

Wingssong Rock Star

Wingssong Rags To Riches

Jack Sparrow Maria Sirrah

Grafi Grejfis

Kvar Pocket Rocket

InVolo Standing Room Only

Denzel Crafted With Care

Denzel Attention Please

InVolo Thousands Cheered

InVolo You Aint Seen Nothing Yet

InVolo Come Fly With Me

InVolo Standing Room Only

Xanadu's American Idol

Wingssong It's My Party

Wingssong Alydar

Xanadu Provocative

Queen Bless JP Tri Something

Golden Leafs Fudge

Muskat Golyski Raj

Zaria u Bożeny i Barbary